Friday, March 10, 2017

'The Fearless Girl'

Im a very tired girl today but feeling ok. My throat feels a bit tender to the touch, and my voice is a bit croaky, but not sore or anything. I guess thats only to be expected after the endoscopy. Either that or I talked too much yesterday.

I have had such an outpouring of love, support and good wishes, it has really blown me away. With all the encouragement and prayers I know I will get through this.

One message I received from my sister in law really struck me. She sent me this photo and said....and I hope she wont mind me repeating.. " it made her think of me". 

Its called the "Fearless Girl" and has been placed on Wall Street in front of the famous charging bull in time for International Women's Day. Its supposed to highlight efforts to get more women on corporate boards.

I see it another way...

One quote says.. "The girl appears to be staring down the bull. Her head is held high. Her hands are firmly planted on her waist. Her pony-tail looks as if it's in motion."

Well folks...thats me... 

I am not in denial. I know full well that even though no one has actually said the words..yet.. what I am facing is probably bad. But I am going to stand hands on my hips( I havent got a waist...sigh)... with a big smile on my face and defiantly stare down what ever is thrown at me. 
Bring it on....Im ready.. 

I only wish I had a pony tail I could flick.

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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  1. I love that - what a wonderful thing to model your attitude after.