Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Teeter~Totter Day

It really has been an up and down kinda day. Last night Dr Im's office called and told me I have my surgery on Saturday. They said he would be calling me today with times and instructions. 

I was so relieved as its been quite a journey. Although I have been in growing pain since Christmas..its my fault I didnt go to the doctors sooner. And of course.. the symptoms suggested diverticulitis. It wasnt til the bleeding started that the diagnoses took a different turn. Its just 4 weeks today that they found that lump in my abdomen. And boy have they pulled out all the stops for me.This tumour on my ovary has got to come out !! Although I am a chubby bunny..I can actually see that my left side is more swollen that the right...Well the tumour is 9cm..the size of a baseball..and growing. And it reminds me every second that its there.

But as with all good plans.. they sometimes come unstuck.
This morning my surgeon  called me. He said he has been going over the scans and biopsies etc.. and he is happy the stomach masses are not cancerous. But he says the tumour has grown and could possibly be attached to the bowel. be on the safe side, he wants a bowel specialist with him when I have my surgery, just in case any extra procedure needs to be done. Unfortunately the bowel surgeon is not available this he has moved my operation to next Friday at 12 noon.

I am of course bitterly disappointed..and rather tearful...because the pain is so bad. But I understand he is doing the right thing. It would be terrible if he opened me up  and found something he couldnt do. So hes covering all the bases. Good man!

So Next Friday is the day. The surgery...I can deal with it. The stomach masses.. I can deal with it. Hopefully the the stomach masses.. is not cancerous... but if it is... I can deal with it.
I have such a fantastic support system that are praying for me, encouraging me, and loving me. And that includes every one of you reading this. I can feel every virtual hug.. every good wish and every positive vibe. 

So one more week....
I can do this

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Good News!

Good News!. 

The biopsy results show there is 'no malignancy' in the stomach masses. Obviously there is something going on and we will perhaps know more when we see Dr Phan on Friday. But its a relief as it now means that we can schedule the surgery and get this ovarian tumour out. I'm certain there will be no cancer there either, 

Thank you all for your positiveity, prayers and good wishes. I am very grateful and feel very loved

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Few Snaps

So there was no news yesterday. My GP's office said the stomach biopsy results hadnt come in yet so I will call again today. This could be why the surgeon didnt call fingers crossed for today. I will be so glad to get the ovarian tumour out. its giving me so much pain right now and compound that with the pain in my stomach, back and down my leg..Im pretty well worn out. I really am an old crock!

I so miss going out on my daily walks and taking photos. I took a few snaps when I went for my blood tests yesterday.. 

My usual flower pic. I have so many but the colour caught my eye. 
Anyone know what it is? 

A picture of the Norwalk water tower with added blue skies and a token palm tree. 

And one of a school I pass occasionally when Im out and about.
You may recognize it by another name.. Rydell High

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Monday, March 20, 2017

Just a Little Something

What a terrible, terrible weekend it was. The pain didnt stop for a second. I did manage to eat a little something when it eased slightly. On Saturday, a bowl of greek yogurt, with a little granola and some mango..but the rest of the time it just hurt too much. I just tried to sleep the pain away. 

I woke up at about 2 am Sunday morning and the pain was excruciating...I just didnt know what to do about it..and neither did my poor hubby who feels quite helpless. But just having him here helps

The pain is no longer just in my abdomen and back..but across my stomach too. Im wondering if eating is aggravating it. So Sunday I just had a banana..and a little soup. Im too wary to eat right now.

Apart from that... there's nothing new to report just yet. No phone calls from my doctors about either the biopsy results or surgery appointment. I to pick up some more painkillers...which I will do when I go for blood tests this afternoon..(If I have any left for them to take!!). 

The pain itself is quite manageable to day.. so I've coloured my hair (I have to look good for my op)...done laundry..bleached the bathroom...and Im going to start putting out my Spring and Easter ornaments. Oh boy am I going to get my ear bent by certain family members!! 

Ah well...I have to pass the time somehow.

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mum...
I still miss our daily phone calls...
Right now I really wish you were here..
you would now what to say to make me feel better

But I still talk to you...
I hope you can hear me. 

Until we meet again.. 
All my love always

Phoebe xxx

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Rock....

Happy Birthday to my amazing hubby. We have a wonderful, happy marriage, with lots of adventure, fun and laughter and we have never had a cross word. He is my absolute rock. The voice of reason. My fountain of wisdom. My mountain of strength. His love and support and his unfailing faith that everything will be ok is getting me through this testing time. 

And how is he spending his birthday afternoon?...Taking me to the doctors and holding my hand while I have more blood tests.. 

Maybe we can squeeze in a couple of beers for him on the way home. 

Love you Mr D xxx

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Light..At Last

Here's hubby and I at the medical centre waiting to see Dr Im surgeon this morning. I look puffy and tired...he looks as gorgeous as ever.
The meeting went well... and rather fast. Dr Im examined me and said..''Well you know it has to come out?" Well yes.! 
So he said.."give me til Monday and I will call you. I need to discuss with your other doctors and determine if the tumour is just on the ovary or connected to the masses in your stomach. This will determine the kind of surgery. Whatever happens it will be removal of the ovaries and a hysterectomy. But..the surgery will be asap..probably next week"

So thats it. A light at the end of the tunnel. So much has happened and so fast. Its just three weeks ago today I saw the gynecologist and she found the lump.. The care I have received has been amazing and I will be forever grateful
Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fast Work...

True to his word...Dr Phan came through for us. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with a surgeon. Now thats a lot faster than I thought. And Im glad as yesterday was a bad day. I felt nauseous and tired..and when I moved around.. extremely dizzy. The pain didnt ease all day so I slept a lot. I feel the same today. I just feel worn out. But at least the ball is rolling

I must admit...although much is written about Breast Cancer..even cervical cancer...I dont know much about ovarian cancer so I have been doing a lot of reading...and have been surprised. Like...did you know...that a pap smear does not detect ovarian cancer. In fact in many cases it is not diagnosed until a fairly late stage, often after it has spread to other parts of the body...which is why its called 'The Silent Killer'. Thats not to say that its always a death sentence. If caught at stage 1, when the cancer hasn't spread outside the ovaries, long-term survival rates are over 90%. And there are signs to look for...

  • Persistent stomach or pelvic pain
  • Persistent bloating or increased stomach size (not the kind that comes on after a big meal and settles within a couple of hours)
  • Feeling full quickly after eating, or having problems eating
  • Needing to pass water more often
I only had two.. 

I hope more women can be made aware of this terrible disease and its symptoms. Its taken this to happen for me to actually try to educate myself and understand it. And the more I understand...the more confident I am that I can beat it 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The C Word...

Well...I met Dr Phan.. Hes a nice little man with a huge smile and explained things very well. And he also used the word Cancer a few times. At last someone who is calling it what it is. 

The tumor has grown and it is now over 9 cm. He has his staff phoning lots of cancer surgeons to see who can get me in the earliest...and will be calling me today. Apparently to do a biopsy on an ovarian tumour it has to be removed. Unlike a scan on the upper body which shows the abdomen its like a shadow. So they will not know at what stage the cancer is until it's removed. They will also be taking out both of the ovaries (if its in one it is likely in both), Fallopian tubes, he said something about lymph nodes too..which I dont remember.. and giving me a hysterectamy. So a total clear out then. I did say I wanted to lose 40lb before Caroline got here...but maybe not this way :)

Dr Phan is confident that we have caught it early..and if chemo is needed it may be either every three or six weeks,,but again we wont know until after surgery. He has given me stronger painkillers and said I can call him any time day or night.

He wanted me to have more blood tests for genetic screening..but although his nurse tried several veins were good I have to go back any time this week and they will do it straight away. Im like a human pin cushion right now.

I'm still optimistic and so is MrD. I think Dr Phans confidence helped a lot. He's such a jolly little man
Thank you all for your love, prayers and good wishes.. I can really feel all your virtual hugs. Keep em coming 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x