Thursday, March 2, 2017

Another Day..

Today hubby and I met with my doctor. As the results that we were given yesterday had finally sunk into my brain.. it gave us the opportunity to go over a few things and to ask a few questions. 

I must say the doc seemed optimistic.. but wouldnt commit himself to saying that it wasnt cancer. I us..until the CAT scan results are in we dont know. But he did share one concern. As well as the Ovarian tumour...he is worried that I may have something called a Krukenburg tumor.. a secondary cancer that may be in my stomach. But it is rare. Because of this he has scheduled me to have a endoscopy (camera down the throat to the stomach) and a colonoscopy ( a camera the other way ) Oh Joy!!. These procedures are usually done on different days.. but Im to have them at the same Thursday morning. Now isnt that something to look forward Im a bit wary of the camera down the throat...Im worried I will gag. But my eldest son has assured me that its just like swallowing string and pulling it out again...hes done it plenty of times....wth!! What have I raised !!

The doctor also seemed unconcerned about the fibroids. He said they look like they have been there a while..and can be removed at a later date. It would be good if they have to do surgery...they could whip them out at the same time....and maybe while they were in there scoop out some of my fat and cut off my excess skin and give my a nice flat tummy! A girl can only hope.

He also wants me to make a ring binder file to keep all my records. He said things will be moving really fast and it would be a good idea to keep everything organised so I can take it with me to every different doctor I see. At every meeting I will be given a printout of everything discussed, copies of reports etc. He said to have lots of labeled sections, a calendar, and on the first page make a timeline of things as they happen... appointments.. treatments... etc. As an organising freak this should be fun.... I wonder if they would mind if I covered it in sparkles?

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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