Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hello ..Hello...Im Back Again

Its been a while hasnt it..

So...whats going on you may ask yourself? appears I am a bit poorly. So grab yourself a cuppa...make yourself comfortable and I shall begin.

It all started about Christmas time when I started to get pains in my abdomen. They were not too bad... but.. pardon my wording..  I was constantly constipated. I have had this kind of trouble before and was treated for it and thought it was the same thing. As the weeks went by the pain was getting worse. I have never been a complainer... but one Saturday the pain was so bad I had to tell my hubby and on the Monday I went to see the doctor. He said I had diverticulitis and prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. I finished the course...but the pain was no better..I now had it in my back and down my leg. The antibiotics had given me a very attractive brown furry tongue! Plus...I had started to notice I was losing a bit of blood was back to the doctors...and he scheduled me to see a gynecologist. I saw her just one week ago...on the Thursday. She gave me a pap smear...took a biopsy...and what I didnt know then...found a swelling in my abdomen. She left the room for me to get dressed and when she came back...things started moving at quite a rate. She told me she wanted me to go for an ultrasound scan...straight away, She had called them to fit me in on an urgent basis. I was to go back and see her today for the results.
So off I toddled...had to wait about half an hour and then the doctor saw me. He gave me a scan just like a pregnancy scan..and I could see he was looking intently at the screen. He then apologised and said he was going to give me an internal camera to check my ovaries, colon and kidneys. He then produced an instrument that looked like curling tongs and I thought ..Oh...My...!! Anyway...I think he knew what he was looking for because everytime he went to a certain area he would say sorry this may hurt...and boy did it ever!! Anyway...when he was done..I asked if he had found anything...and he said...I will give my findings to Dr Chu,..discuss it with her...then she will communicate with you. Then he stopped and said..."but expect a phone call today". I was like..hmmm .ok...!! 

6.30 that evening she called and said she wanted me to call at her office in the morning ..pick up some forms then go get some blood tests done. She also moved my appointment with her from Thursday (today) to Tuesday. The next day I went for the blood tests, but peeked at what they were testing for. The first word I saw was cancer. The next few tests were for blood clotting and the last one was again for cancer ( I havent suddenly got a medical degree...I took a photo and googled when I got home... lol)

So forward to today and Hubby and I went to get the results of the tests... and here goes. 
I have a large tumour on my left ovary...its about 8cm...the size of a baseball. I also have a few fibroids..and all this explains why Im in so much pain..and boy does it hurt. There is no fluid surrounding the tumour...which is apparently good.. and although the CA count is not into the 100s.. its is still possibly cancerous. In three weeks I have lost 17lbs in weight. Friday I have to go for a CAT scan. This will tell us more and will check if the cancer is anywhere else. I am not worried ...and I am not scared...even though when I said "so we have caught it in time" she just pulled a face and said ' weeeeelll lets just see what the scan says!" I have complete faith that we will get this sorted

Now I havent told you this to be a Drama Queen or an Attention Seeker. Im hoping that sharing this new fight with you...will help me get through what is going to be a bad time. Thanks for listening...and please keep me...and my your prayers more thing. I have to get well really soon. My daughter and her boyfriend are coming here on vacation in 37 days. I refuse to believe that I wont be able to go out on the boat whale watching...I have waited so long to see Harry Potter at Universal...and Las Vegas is a must. Although...I may have to back out of going on big roller coasters...what a shame!! (phew)

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. II'm so sorry to hear that, and will keep you in my prayers.

  2. I'm so sorry Phoebe - will be praying!