Saturday, March 25, 2017

Boots, Hats, Blingy Belts.....and Fish and Chips!!!

Have you ever wanted to kiss someone you know...a really big kiss with a massive bear hug. Well right now...I do...and the lucky (or not so lucky) guy is Dr Phan. At meds are at a level that I have hardly any pain...and I feel so normal again. Thank you doctor are a little star!! Its such a relief to know I will spend the time up to this Fridays surgery.. virtually pain free

I feel so well we have been do a little bit of supermarket shopping.. got a few things for me to take into hospital and had lunch out. And I was able to eat something other than soup. Fish and chips!! Not quite the English version had fries and not proper chips...and coleslaw instead of mushy peas. But the fish tasted like home and although I could only manage one piece ..tasted bloomin' lovely.
Hubby also needed some new work boots so we went to the "Boot Barn". Im afraid i didnt get to help him with his boots... I was too busy trying on cowboy boots... 
and blingy belts. 
I feel so well right now...I even think I could ride a horse!!

or maybe not.....

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. So glad you could actually enjoy your fish and chips!!

  2. That is good news. So glad you are feeling better.