Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Teeter~Totter Day

It really has been an up and down kinda day. Last night Dr Im's office called and told me I have my surgery on Saturday. They said he would be calling me today with times and instructions. 

I was so relieved as its been quite a journey. Although I have been in growing pain since Christmas..its my fault I didnt go to the doctors sooner. And of course.. the symptoms suggested diverticulitis. It wasnt til the bleeding started that the diagnoses took a different turn. Its just 4 weeks today that they found that lump in my abdomen. And boy have they pulled out all the stops for me.This tumour on my ovary has got to come out !! Although I am a chubby bunny..I can actually see that my left side is more swollen that the right...Well the tumour is 9cm..the size of a baseball..and growing. And it reminds me every second that its there.

But as with all good plans.. they sometimes come unstuck.
This morning my surgeon  called me. He said he has been going over the scans and biopsies etc.. and he is happy the stomach masses are not cancerous. But he says the tumour has grown and could possibly be attached to the bowel. be on the safe side, he wants a bowel specialist with him when I have my surgery, just in case any extra procedure needs to be done. Unfortunately the bowel surgeon is not available this he has moved my operation to next Friday at 12 noon.

I am of course bitterly disappointed..and rather tearful...because the pain is so bad. But I understand he is doing the right thing. It would be terrible if he opened me up  and found something he couldnt do. So hes covering all the bases. Good man!

So Next Friday is the day. The surgery...I can deal with it. The stomach masses.. I can deal with it. Hopefully the the stomach masses.. is not cancerous... but if it is... I can deal with it.
I have such a fantastic support system that are praying for me, encouraging me, and loving me. And that includes every one of you reading this. I can feel every virtual hug.. every good wish and every positive vibe. 

So one more week....
I can do this

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Goodness, I will make sure to pray for you, it sounds very difficult to go through but I'm sure God will be watching over and taking care of you. I wish you all the best, love, and hugs, Rose

  2. I know you are disappointed with the delay but we have all been praying for the Lord to direct and give your Dr. wisdom. I feel that your Dr. is doing the best thing for you by having the other specialist to stand by. I will pray for your pain to be tolerable as you await your surgery next Friday. God bless. Thank you for the update.

  3. Waiting is so hard, especially with all the discomfort you have. God has a plan though, and I am glad your Dr is really thinking this through. Still praying!

  4. How disappointing to have to wait an extra 6 days but you have a great attitude ( and a good doctor too).

  5. Oh Phoebe, I'm so sorry that you had to be disappointed about the surgery having to be put off after it had been scheduled and you thought relief was in the immediate sight. I am praying for you.

  6. You are still three hours away from surgery as I read this today in Texas. Please count on my prayers along with the others who have been praying all along.....