Thursday, March 9, 2017

Still Smiling

So...thats another procedure down. For all that worrying the endoscopy wasnt all that bad....although the prep was pretty brutal. 4 litres of that prep mixture! I mean seriously...I dont drink that much fluid in a week!

The worst part of today was when they put the plactic mouth guard in my mouth so I had to stop talking! Cheek! Thats the last thing I remember and when I woke up I was in recovery and MrD was there. So for anyone who has to have a colonoscopy or endoscopy done...seriously...its a doddle

So...what did he discover. Well...The good news is..the colon is fine ...nothing to worry about at all. But..he has found two more tumours and they are in the stomach. He has taken biopsys so we will have to see. He called it right. At our last meeting he said that ovarian tumours usually start somewhere else...and he thought it was the stomach. I just hope its not that Krukenburg tumour he was worried about as that is quite rare...and dangerous.

I have an appointment on Monday afternoon with another doctor..Dr Phan. He is collating all of the results and he will be talking about our Im taking it that on Monday...we will know exactly what we are dealing with.

Im still optomistic...Im still not scared and I know whatever it is ...good or bad...I can get through it. And as you can see...although poorly and in pain....Im still smiling 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Dear, brave Phoebe! How did your appointment go today? What did dr Phan say? Hope it's all good news. You're in my prayers!! *hug*

    1. I have a few more hours to wait yet Marleen...I will let everyone know tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers..they are gratefully received x

  2. Good for you! A good attitude makes a big difference.