Monday, March 13, 2017

One Step at a Time

Good morning..I hope you all had a great weekend. On Saturday once my pain eased, Hubby and I took a a drive over to Hermosa Beach. Even though I cant walk far right now...I just love looking at the ocean. But wouldnt you know it.. it was like driving into a smoke screen. A dense mist covered everything.. and you couldnt even see the shoreline. Ah well..I love driving around California. After two years..its still a bit surreal that Im actually here and still have an insane grin where ever we go. And I did spy this poor guy... 85 degrees and dressed like this...What a job!

Sunday was spent in and out of pain..being looked after..eating chicken soup and jello and having my back rubbed by my wonderful husband. It dosnt actually ease the pain but psychologically it does me the world of good

So later today we are off to see Dr Phan for the first time. Now this new doctor is a top oncologist and Im seeing him at the Cancer & Blood Specialty Clinic. Their bio reads.. 
"Our mission is to provide the most up to date and innovative care for patients with cancer and blood disorders. We realize this may be the most difficult time for patients and their families and our goal is to help them cope by providing a supportive environment for their medical, social, and spiritual needs. When patients come to the Cancer and Blood Specialty Clinic, they will be surprised by the time our treatment team spends with patients. We believe that better care can be delivered when more time and attention are spent taking care of patients. We are able to do this by embracing technological innovations in order to free up more time for patient care." 
So...even tho no one is yet calling this by a name...I think we all know this is what we are dealing with.I hoping I get all my answers today Come on people... Im dangling a bit in the wind right now!. But Im not complaining...Im getting excellent care.. I would just like someone to say the words

Im still not phased...Im taking every step as it comes...good or bad... I got this!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. I'm glad you got out for a ride but I'm sorry you didn't see your beloved ocean. I love the ocean too and will miss it when I move to Tennessee but I love the mountains even more! I love your blog look and I really like your header. May I work on one similar for my blog? Have a lovely day. You are in my prayers. I hope you get some answers soon.

    1. Golly Melanie...thank you...and of course you can. I love seeing how people do their many talented people out there x