Friday, March 31, 2017

Here We Go

So todays the day. And Im ready to go. 

Heres the hospital...and a photo of the man in whose hands I am placing my life...Dr Im.. I know he will be amazing.

I had so many phone calls yesterday. I got to video chat with my gorgeous grandson,,, who was torn between me and his IPad. But he was pretty excited about his new house...and did tell me he loved me a couple of times ..bless. Also a call from my Auntie and Uncle in the Uk who never fail to make me laugh. Plus a call from Dr Phan..wishing me well and telling me he will see me after surgery. And two or three calls from different medical staff...checking forms were filled in...telling me how much the surgery will cost (HOW MUCH!!!!!) and another telling me about the procedure and what I can take in with me...which right now is nothing. So I have unpacked my case and just made up a little bag for MrD to bring for me after surgery. 

I want to thank you all for all you kind messages. your love and your prayers. Up til now I am not worried..scared or even nervous. Although I may be once I get there. But I have every confidence in the doctors I know they will do their very best for me. I am so grateful to you all
I have never asked you for anything.. but today I ask that you pray for my doctors to guide their hands..Also I ask that you pray for my family ..especially MrD and my children.. to calm their fears and give them strength to get through this worrying time.

The next time I speak to you this will be all done and dusted. 

I am so ready!

Bring it on 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Dear Phoebe,
    I am sitting in my gazebo with prayer book in hand......please know I am praying for name, out loud and on purpose!
    God has got this!
    Love and prayers from Texas!
    Linda C

  2. Praying here in England. God be with you and with the hospital staff.

  3. Praying all went well today.

  4. Praying everything went well and looking forward to a good report!

  5. You will be fine! Praying for you.

  6. Keeping you in prayer...hope all is well.

  7. Lifting prayers and sending good thoughts.