Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Teal Tuesday

Its Tuesday.. three days til my surgery.. and Im wearing teal. Theres a lot of teal going on in my blog right now...as you may have noticed

Teal is the colour that represents ovarian cancer...just like pink represents breast cancer.  Although it is less common than breast cancer..it causes more deaths.. basically because the symptoms are hard to detect until it is at a later stage.
This is why whatever the outcome of the surgery.. if I have cancer or not.. and if I have cancer what stage.,,I will continue to push ovarian cancer awareness. There is so much I didnt know but I will keep pushing the info. I will make sure my daughter and grand daughters are clued up...and hope that others will be able to catch the symptoms of this silent killer sooner than I did.
Friday cant come soon enough now. Although the meds are good and dulled the pain..I'm worn out .. a groggy and feel a bit yuck. 

But.. Im still smiling.

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. I lost a sister-in-law to ovarian cancer almost 2 years ago.

    By coincidence I am indeed wearing a teal sweater today!!

  2. Teal is good, you are on my prayer list.

  3. I didn't know the teal connection. The scrub top I wear at work is teal - that's the nurses color to wear in our corporation, so I am in teal often!

  4. Prayers for a good outcome.....God be with you!