Monday, July 30, 2018

When Harrison met Ellie...

 Little Pickle is home from hospital..
 Im so in love....
just look at that mouth!!!
 Little Miss got to meet her new cousin..
 I think she likes him...
 and will look after him.. until hes big enought to look after her...
which wont be long by the looks of it.
 Double the trouble...
double the cuteness... biggest blessings

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Juniour Facetime

Little Miss Face timing with her new cousin...

And so it begins

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Friday, July 27, 2018


So here he is.. my Little Pickle.. born last night weighing 8lb 8oz. 
After three painful days of labor my brave daughter in law finally had a c-section. 
I’m so proud of her
Harrison Raymond John has my dads two names and I’m so sad that he’s not here to hold him as he would be over the moon
Mummy is still in a lot of discomfort but doing well... 
Daddy is absolutely exhausted!
 My three babies now have babies of their own.. 
I am a very happy and blessed nana

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Still Waiting....

Not as many steps today compared to the last two where I have hit the 20,000 mark. No walking partner so I started later and walked in ‘safe’ areas. It got hot really fast. Still.. 15000 is pretty good and with my daily cals way under my limit.. I’m on track
The visit to the oncologist went well. Everything looks good and he suggested I leave my body scan til early next year.. so I’m pleased. He was impressed with my weight loss.. even tho it’s not that much.. but wait til Isee you in three months Dr will be “gob smacked” 

And finally... no sign of my grandson yet.. he really is too comfortable.. Its going to be a long night.
Stay strong MissV... you can do this!

Lots of Love 
Phoebe xx

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Waiting Begins....

Another walk over...and a fruity one at that.The smell was wonderful
I’m home now before it gets too hot. Once the sun comes up it’s a right scorcher.
Now to wait for news from the uk on the arrival of my new grandson. 

Hurry up Little Man...can’t wait to see yo

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Monday, July 23, 2018

Wot!! No Water!!!

5.30am walk done.. and I made it back before it got too hot. 
I’m a bit sweaty tho and a bit miffed.. we have no water til midday. 
I may have to go stand in the freezer for 10 mins

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Another Game...

Hubby and I attended another LA Angels game tonight..
 and Hubby proudly sported his Memorial Day jersey and cap.
 We are both proud supporters of the military and its veterans.
  and even though Im not an American...
I get very emotional during the singing of the National Anthem
and will always stand for the flag

God Bless America

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x

Friday, July 20, 2018


 I love seeing droplets of water on flower petals when it rains..
 but seeing as it hasnt rained here since March...
 I have to make do with the sprinkler system.......

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


So heres a follow up of my post Enough is Enough. 

You see...

My walking was getting less and less. Where I can walk was getting less and less... My motivation was getting less and less.... as was my will power. Adversely my weight was starting to get more and more...and so were my tears. 

The solution.... I got myself a wonderful walking partner from church. Two or three times a week we leave at 5.30 am...and hit the trail.. 
Today....three hours later...including a 5 minute stop at Starbucks for a black coffee.. I arrived and with thousands of steps accomplished
This..and getting a handle on my eating means I have lost 10 lbs in 21 days...and Im feeling energized again.
Since my cancer battle..losing weight is an immense struggle..and Im finding it so hard to get back on track. 

I hope I can keep this going...

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x