Friday, April 7, 2017

She's Here

Well...she has arrived...

Its so good to have them both here. I have missed her so much

She hugged me tightly...then I was totally forgotten for a  few seconds..when she spotted paparazzi...and she was so excited to catch a glimpse of.... Kendall Jenner. Go figure.. But at least it was a perfect start to her holiday

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Thursday, April 6, 2017

24 Hours ....and Counting

Well..the follow up meeting with the surgeon went well. Im mending quite nicely. As well as the ovarian tumour..the cancer was also found in my fallopian tubes. But all that has been removed. My cancer is at stage 2 so its quite early and he is confident the chemo will be successful. Its a relief!

And on another happy note...24 hours from now we will be meeting MrP and MissC at LAX. Im so excited. I know she is a beautiful young woman....

but she will always be my baby girl!!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lucky Girl

Ive said it before...and I will say it again..I have a brilliant hubby. He works 3am to 3.30pm and Im so lucky that he only works 5 mins away. He came home on his 6am break to make me breakfast in bed... an over easy egg on an English muffin...then again on his 9am "lunch" break to accompany me on my two lap walk... and make sure I had my lunch prepared. He is an absolute star... and I am totally blessed

I am actually doing very pain..just everything pulling together. Im a bit bored and am itching to do bit of housework..but I wont. We go to see the surgeon tomorrow and Im going to find out exactly what I can and cant do. I am getting a few mixed messages from my different medical outlets...walk this dont walk that far....yes you can do that.. no you cant do that. It will be good to know

Also tomorrow we are picking up the wheelchair for our fun filled fortnight. I am so excited that in two more days Miss C and Mr P will be here. 

Our plans are in full swing and tonight MrD will be booking the hotel for our overnight stay in Las Vegas. Cant wait!

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Home Again

Well everyone....Im Home!!!! Thank you...thank you for all the love, support and prayers. I made it!

I got home last night and was so happy sleeping in my own bed.

The surgery went well. Dr Im was very pleased. He said the tumor had grown to about 12 cm...thats 4cm 5 weeks,,,and was pressing against everything and thats why I was in so much pain. But...its gone now and hes taken everything away. Now I have to heal and then start my chemo, I have a follow up with him on Thursday..then see Dr Phan next week who will tell us the staging and when all that business will start. 

I am in no pain..just a bit of soreness at the incisions and everything is pulling so I have to wear a big elastic girdle. Plus I have to walk a little as often as I can

I was looked after really well in hospital...and worked my hardest to get myself up and moving. I was a bit adamant (in a nice way of course) that I wanted to do things myself...especially turning myself on the bed and getting out of bed...although I was happy that someone was with me for confidence. As soon as I was able I did as many laps of the hospital floor as I could...and I soon progressed from red socks to grey!! I will soon be back to 5 miles a day.

So this morning, hubby has taken the day off,..I have had breakfast in bed...walked around the apartment a few times and I have had my first shower and hair wash since last Friday....bliss. Soon Im going outside and walk a bit in the sunshine with hubby. I have missed it so much
Once again...thank you all so much..Your kindness has got me through this stage. Now Im looking forward to Miss C and Mr P getting here on Friday...I cant wait

Love to you all 
Phoebe x

P.s ...yes I am wearing teal

Monday, April 3, 2017

These Are A Few of her Favourite Things.....

Mum is doing really well, she's still sore but that's understandable. Her eyes are much better and the infection has cleared. The doctors are pleased with her progress and she could be going home tomorrow but with a bit of luck it'll be today. Mum was able to stand last night and march on the spot, which is great!

I have been out today to buy some of mums favourite things that she's been missing! 5 more sleeps and MrP and I will be flying over to America

Miss C x

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Its Over...

I'm sorry for posting the news so late.. The surgery went well and lasted over three hours. Mum will be staying in hospital for a few days as the doctors had to make a bigger incision. Her ovaries, tubes, uterus and tumour are out! The doctor has confirmed that the tumour is cancerous and they will get the tests back soon to see what stage and type it is. Also no harm has come to her bowel! But.. mum will need chemo. They won't know what kind and how long etc until they do further tests. 

Their biggest concern was that after surgery Mum couldnt open her eyes. They were streaming and she said it felt like she had glass in them. They are treating her with eye drops. But she is still smiling

That's all I know for now but I will keep you updated. 

Thank you all for your kind messages and prayers.

Miss C x