Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Comfort Food

It was a terrible day yesterday. The pain was so bad...it made me nauseus, It was was the first time I can say I felt ill. My auntie and uncle phoning from the uk cheered me up. They do make me laugh. Technology is lost on them. It takes them so long to work out how to actually use Facebook messenger that when they finally get through their battery is about to die. I need to find them an iphone with an old fashioned rotary dial.

Today though...I feel a little better..and was able to eat. After not being able to eat much recently...I must say...this chicken soup was absolutely delicious. Growing up...when we were ill..mum always made us soup..tomato.. Heinz...and from a tin. Still yummy though..and real comfort food. What food did your mum make you when you were ill...and what is your favourite comfort food?

And on a happy note...its only 30 days til my beautiful daughter and her boyfriend get here. I cant wait...and neither can she...I think shes packing already! I have to be well by then. Harry Potter here we come!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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  1. Hi Phoebe, I am praying for you and your meeting with the surgeon. I am looking back thru your posts this a.m. Your daughter is beautiful and looks like you. My mom always made potato soup when I was sick.