Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Pretties

Im sorry Im late posting..I kinda slept the day away until we went to see Dr Phan this afternoon. And although it was only a short walk it was wonderful being out in the Spring sunshine with MrD. He says he had forgotten how it used to be when we were out and stopping every few steps to take pics of any thing that caught my eye. But this time of year..there is so much prettiness...I cant help myself.
So..the doctors meeting didnt take long. My blood pressure was a bit high...and I have lost 22lb in 4 weeks. My tummy is very hard and bloated and even though my trousers have an elasticated waist they are tight on my stomach. ( I have some bigger size leggings I will have to start wearing)
Any dawned on us yesterday why we are seeing Dr Phan. As well as being a liason between doctors...and an interim care while waiting for surgery.. he will also be in charge of my chemo if I need it. Hes so approachable I was able to ask him a lot of questions and he has put my mind at ease. He has given me some really strong pain killers which should kick in by tomorrow and I take them whether Im in pain or not, Also.. we have made a provisional appointment for the 14th April to get the biopsy results and see where we head. Provisional because as its Good Friday his receptionist wasnt sure if they closed or not (go figure but that might have been me confusing her) and provisional in case we get anxious and want to know earlier (the results should be in after 5 days) He said they dont give results over the phone because there is usually a lot to discuss and so its better to have people in his office. With it being on the means that MissC and MrP can come in with us too. 
So thats where we stand now...and this time next week the little bugger will be out. Im a happy bunny 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Hi Phoebe, Thank you for the latest update and the beautiful spring pictures. What a blessing to have a Dr. who you feel comfortable asking questions of. I am thankful you have something for the pain. I will continue to pray for the upcoming surgery.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you got a bit of fresh air. I'm even happier that you have a Doctor who is approachable. Praying those pain killers work well!

  3. So good that you felt you could get out and walk a bit, even take some pics. I hope these stronger pain killers help.