Friday, August 25, 2017

The Last Pre Chemo Meeting

So...I saw Dr Phan and it didnt go quite as planned. I feel a bit confused about whats going on but I think we have to move the goalposts a bit.

He was his usual cheery self as he bounced into the room with his huuuuuge smile. He said number six right? 
I said "yes...yay ...done.. dusted.. all finished."
He said "What you dont want to see me no more?" 
I replied " no... but you know what I mean. And ..this port can come out whenever you like now."
He looked at me and said "Hold that thought. It's rare for it to flip but lets leave it for now"

Hmmm ok

He went on to say my blood tests were quite good (quite???) and I was ok for Mondays chemo. Then he said so come back and see him in three weeks and we can discuss treatment options. Options?? He said look at it as maintenance. He said there are a few suggestions and we want to make things easy for you. So we will go over everything with you.. some things you may not like but we can discuss it. The only thing that is off the list is weekly Taxol cos you are allergic (now taxol is the chemo drug that they changed cos it gave me pain). He told me not to worry and concentrate on getting through this next round of treatment and we will have a long chat next time. And that was that.

I was really under the impression that after this last chemo all that was left were blood tests and a scan to make sure that the cancer was all gone and then regular check ups. Thats what we were told last time..but now its seems to be all change. I should have asked more questions but I was a bit taken aback. Sooo is my chemo over? Have they got all the cancer? Is this just to stop it coming back? Im just a bit confused right now (it dosn't take much)... but I will be asking Nurse Sue a lot of questions on Monday...but honestly it could be nothing. But, I am not worried. I have got through the worse... and can definitely cope with what ever is to come.

I just hope I will be well enough to do all the things MrD and I have planned for September

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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  1. I sincerely hope you can do EVERYTHING y'all have planned!!
    Regardless of 'maintenance' are near the Finish Line!