Friday, August 4, 2017


After yesterdays chemo session I was a bit deflated to think that I may have four more treatments.. But MrD and I had a long talk last night about our visit to Dr Phans on Tuesday and we really think that it will just be the one. When he bounded into the room, Dr Phan asked "what cycle are we on now?"..and I said five. He replied " wow thats gone fast". I said yes one more...and MrD said "and we never have to see you a good way". Dr Phan laughed and said "we have to do blood work and you have a scan to make sure we have it all..then I see you every three months to start with then that increases to 6 months...just to monitor it dosnt come back. But I think everything will be good" So no mention of more treatments. So I think we are ok. By mid September it will all be over.
So today Im feeling pretty side effects yet..but Im taking it easy. I dont want to risk knocking this automatic medicine injection device that will give me my Neulasta, which stimulates the growth of white blood cells and decreases the risk of infection. Once it goes in I will scoot around the house and get things done before hubby gets home.
Meantime I'm making plans. Im getting my life that means Im getting back on track with my weight and planning a trip back to the Uk next year. The doc said the steroids have caused a lot of my weight gain...tho I think my food choices havent helped. But a lot of the puffiness in my face should should start going after a few weeks of stopping taking them. That will be so good. It took me a year to lose almost hopefully by I see family again I will have lost the weight I have gained and a bit more. But more importantly.. I will be healthy again. Walking without being breathless and my chest pounding will be a big thing.
And the biggest thing of all.. I will be around a long time to enjoy my life and be here for the people I love. My story will continue
Now isnt that something to look forward to!
Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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