Thursday, August 3, 2017

Number Five

Todays episode comes to you courtesy of the number 5 (flash back to Sesame Street)..and the letter O (as in Oh Bugger!!) . Five.... because its my fifth treatment. Five because thats the number of eyelashes left on one eye...that I attempted to put mascara on (what was I thinking?) And five.. because thats the number of attempts it took to try and get the needle into my porta cath...again! If I look in pain. tired and sore in my photo its because I was.

The first attempt seemed to go in ok... but it stung like hell when the saline went in,,Thats not supposed to she took it out and it bled. She tried it again. but the area was full of saline which spurted out and pushed the needle out too. Something was not right, An ice pack was applied to numb the area. And they tried again...three times. Nurse Sue couldnt work out what was happening and on touching the port.. which remember is under the skin and behind a scar.. all she could feel was the metal.
After the fifth time.. I suggested they use my arm veins... which seem ok...So they did that and the needle went straight in

What has happened they think... is that the port has flipped...possibly due to all strain from the vomiting and retching I have been going through. At the top of the port there is a spongy area the needle goes through...and they cant feel it. So the needle was going in..catching the metal edge and sliding so not going into the port at all. And boy was it sore.So after the surgery..and money to put it may be redundant. Next time Im going to ask they use my arm straight away
Its only for one more time...right? Nurse Sue delivered another blow. She's under the impression that when they changed the mes...I went back to the beginning...and I have another 4 treatments.. But Dr Phan hasnt told us fingers crossed when we see him again it will be only one. Boy I hope so. 

But today is over and Im home now with my feet up. I feel a bit drained but ok. The Neulasta needle is attached to my tummy ready for the automatic injection tomorrow afternoon..and my steroids are ready to take. Just waiting for any side effects to kick in so the sick bowl is near!

Im glad today is over...Time to chill

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x


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