Thursday, August 10, 2017

Quick Walk...Or Maybe Not....

Yesterday I was feeling a little better so I thought I would take a short stroll.. just round the block you understand. Well it wasnt the best decision I have ever made. I left at 7.30 so I could escape the sunshine and set off at a cheery pace.

Eight minutes later I arrived at Walmart...and sat in a heap on the seats outside.. totally exhausted and pouring with sweat. My heart felt like it was about to explode out of my chest. What the heck!!
After a little rest..I went inside ..bought some water...and an avocado (not sure why) and decided to continue. So I crossed the street to the "Wienerschnitzel"... and had to rest again. I was absolutely melting. I even had to wring my headscarf out 

I gave up... and dragged myself home. The AC..three fans and a cold shower helped...but I was shattered for the rest of the day. 

And people wonder why Im so anxious to get my fitness levels back.

Its all very frustrating as I love my walking, being in the sunshine and taking my photos. But..I understand my body has been to hell and back and needs time to heal. I really must stop being so impatient and trying to run before I can walk.... or in my case... walk before I can walk x

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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