Thursday, August 24, 2017


Its been a pretty good far. I've been feeling quite well in the lead up to my last chemo. I have had more energy and have been walking every day... and even passing my goal of 5,000 steps on them. Its quite an achievement considering that on some days I wasnt even reaching 2.000 in the whole day...dragging myself everywhere

Here's a couple of snippets..from the last few days...

My Gorgeous Grandson... Little H... graduated from pre school. Isnt he just the cutest 4 yr old. Look at those dimples. I cant wait to see him again when go back to the Uk next year. Im one proud Nana
My daughter sent a parcel from the Uk....with souvenirs from her engagement party... chocolate...which was so smooth and creamy.. and a coffee mug for MrD. 
He really enjoyed his coffee on his way to work at 2.30 in the morning...but look how tired he is. Thank you Dear is  success
Hubby and I went to see Damage Inc ...a Metallica tribute band. They were excellent... so if you have the chance to see them... GO! Can you spot MrD in the crowd... its like "Where's Wally" But here's a clue...he's wearing a black shirt.....
I saw my first sunflowers on my walks this week. Time to get out my box of Fall/Autumn decorations out and see whats what. I have some homemade, DIY decor ideas I want to try to for the season.. I will post them if they look good. Boy this year has gone fast.. but it means my treatments are near the end.

Next stop.... Christmas
And on that wonderful thought.... Enjoy the rest of your day

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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