Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Day After ...

Today wasnt as bad as I expected. I thought I would feel really poorly. But I woke up with no side effects of yesterdays treatment. MrD had taken the day off to look after me... but I have been fine. In fact we went out shopping for a few things that were suggested to help.

Lots of cleaning products ...all antibacterial as I have to be careful of infection. 
A soft toothbrush and mouth wash as my gums may become tender. 
Some throat sweets as my voice is quite dry and raspy like Ive been talking for hours. Who me?

Plenty of water as I have to drink 2 litres a day to flush me out...and coffee dosnt count. You will hear me sloshing as I walk down the street!!

And, to help the most... we also took a little detour to the fabric store. I am going to do a lot of stitching for my Etsy store when I am feeling well. Can you guess the theme of my next projects? 

The doctor said I should eat what I today its been Special K Chocolaty Delight... for breakfast and lunch. 
This afternoon I suddenly got very tired, a bit emotional...and felt a bit sick.. so I took an anti nausea pill and went for a lie down. I soon felt better
So...many of the symptoms I was expecting didnt appear..and its been quite a good day. Lets hope tomorrow will be the same

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x


  1. Rejoicing with you that your day wasn't bad. Enjoy your fabrics and take care of yourself.