Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Down....But Not Out

I decided to go out for a walk and take some photos while I still have hair.. and try to sort my head out. I am losing copious amounts, and I have a feeling by this time next week it will be gone. I have to admit... its upsetting me more than I thought it would. Im am finding it everywhere... in bed.. the shower .. strands of it all over the house. Every time I touch it a clump comes out. Im wearing a scarf over my head when cooking for hygiene.... and I look bloomin awful... especially as I have these dreadful sores on my mouth too. 
My hair is quite thin now... no bald spots as yet thank goodness. And my scalp is quite tender.. just the top.. not the back. I washed it this morning and gently blow dried without a brush so I didnt tug at it.
I may just give up fighting it and get rid... but not before the weekend. I have my blood tests tomorrow to check my blood count for next weeks chemo.. so I want to look tidy. And this weekend hubby and I are going to go looking for some cute hats...that I hope will suit me. After that... I may get the scissors out.
For the first time Im feeling a bit down...but it wont be for long...cos I always bounce back. And I know I have to go through this to kill the evil little buggers,. And... it could be worse...I could have lost my taste buds too 😀

But you know... Cancer really sucks 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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  1. Yes, it does! I have fought that battle myself with thyroid cancer. I came out stronger in mind and spirit and you will too. Mine was nearly 30 years ago.....