Friday, May 26, 2017

The Bloating Effect

During my chemo on Tuesday.. the lovely Connie and I got chatting to the chemo nurses...about this and that. We got onto the subject of weight and food. The Dr has said I can eat anything I fancy except for raw no salads, uncooked veggies and only fruit that you can peel like bananas, pineapple etc... so no strawberries... boooo! I said that in three weeks I had put on 4lbs. I said I was going to be the only person in history that would put on weight during chemo. I'm not eating much more than I normally do..but I'm having cravings for foods I don't normally eat or even think of. I'm feeling really bloated and and my face is getting rounder..much faster than than I thought 4lb would show. Connie said she was craving sugary things and was eating Popsicles all day

Well it appears that its the steroids we are taking in our premeds to help with the side increases your appetite and gives you cravings especially sugary foods. Add this to the chemo effect of low energy so you don't feel like exercise and water retention I worried that I would go to far and start gaining some of my weight back. I think Sue read my mind..and said this wasn't the time to start dieting. She said that I should continue to eat what I fancy but in moderation as things would possibly change over the next few weeks. As my treatments continue..the side effects would increase and there will be days that I will have no appetite and be too nauseous to eat. Also my taste buds may change and things will taste different, bland or even nasty, I must admit that I'm finding some things are starting to taste funny, They will keep monitoring my weight as too much weight loss is as bad as too much weight gain as if it passes a certain line my meds will have to be adjusted. 

So..while I can still enjoy them I will keep eating what I fancy. I think I deserve my treats right now, I will keep drinking my daily iced coffee...light on the ice...and have my 40 calorie Popsicle... and if I want a slice of pizza or two I wont beat myself up. But please Lord...don't let me go off Ben and Jerry's

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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