Thursday, May 18, 2017

Like a Rubber Ball....I Bounce Back

Day three of my hair loss and its extremely thin...and after a good think... Im ok about it. I knew I would be.. it is just another hurdle to get over. My mind set is the same... I cant do anything about it so just accept it and deal with it. Its just hair! It will grow back.. and by Christmas I will hopefully have a little fuzz again. If I had any other cancer I could have lost a breast...or even my life. So self pity is over and done with and time to move on.
I just had to admit to myself that my dread was just pure vanity. I have a fat face...which will look worse with no hair.. and I really dont want to look like Uncle Fester or Matt Lucas. In the 80s my curly perm made me look like Eddie Large..but thats another story! 
So time to stop wallowing and get back to living...drinking loads of water for my blood tests this afternoon.. and enjoying the things I love. I have made a banana bread.. made a shepherds pie for dinner (I hope hubby enjoys it as much as the one we had in the British pub we went into when Miss C was here)..and have got my sewing machine whirring away.
Also..I got a lovely surprise in the mail from my cousin back home. So kind and thoughtful . It made me smile. People if you have never had a "cwtch" you are really missing out. They are very special.. and I am getting so many virtual ones.. its doing me the power of good

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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  1. You can tell I am catching up with your posts! We've been in the country with limited Internet....and we are still here. However, my step son has loaned me his hot spot so I can catch up with my friends. I've never heard of a 'catch!' I'm guessing it might be something similar to a hug?