Thursday, May 4, 2017

Not Too Bad ....

I guess it was to be expected but still not as bad as I thought. I became absolutely exhausted and nauseous last night.,,but a pill and bed helped. 

This morning I saw hubby off to work at 2,30 and was fine but shortly after I started with terrible shakes, nausea and an upset stomach.....and my emotions are all over the place. 

I actually feel a bit better now...but how can you drink 2 litres of water when you feel so sick?? Little and often I my taste buds dont seem to be affected at all so it dosnt taste bad and thats a bonus. 

I just have to take it easy today

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. :( Oh Phoebe - I'm so sorry! I hate nausea! Praying here...

  2. Oh my. 2 litres of water does seem to be a lot. I wonder if tea or diluted fruit juice would go down better. Hopefully the nausea after each treatment doesn't last very long. You are certainly being very brave.

  3. Phoebe, so sorry. Do try to get some extra help and support, maybe a Home nurse who specialises in this?