Monday, May 22, 2017

Mon Chapeau.....

Well... Im getting used to my short hair..although I keep trying to push it behind my ears...habit! I was actually ok walking around the mall on Saturday. A couple of people did a double take but otherwise it was fine. Its still coming out so maybe by next weekend it will be totally gone. And thats ok too. Ive come to the conclusion I dont mind being bare headed. It was just another hurdle to get over. I will still have to wear a hat when Im outside tho. The California sun is so strong I cant risk a sunburnt head.I will look like a lolly pop
So...hat hunting was fun....but I have come to the conclusion that I really dont have a "hat face". Sports caps and beanies look really bad. What a shame cos I saw quite a few blingy ones. I suppose I could have gone down the Harry Potter route... 

or maybe the Minion... but I dont think hubby would ever walk with me again. 
So I came away with three different styles... none of which really suit me...
including the one below. 
They are all quite plain cos I plan to jazz them up myself with ribbons, lace, flowers...and maybe some bling to match whatever Im wearing. It will be fun to ring the changes.
So six days in to the hair loss process...Im totally alright with it. In the grand scheme of things.. its a very small hiccup

Now to look forward to seeing Dr Phan this afternoon...and tomorrows chemo...

Oh Joy!! 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Phoebe, you are beautiful! With that face, those beautiful cheek bones and gorgeous eyes - who needs hair? I do like that hat on you!
    I have been faithful in remembering to pray for you and came looking for an update this morning and sure enough - here it was! Continued love and prayers from Texas!

  2. So proud of you as you take each day with (I can do this).

  3. Oh, Phoebe! You are so lovely, with your bright smile and shining eyes!

    I just wandered in from Patsy and Bennie's place, and am so glad to know you.

    I can see your indomitable, strong spirit shining through, and it comes through in your wit and words, as well. Good thoughts and prayers from the Heartland!

    your new follower, rachel

  4. Hooray for your never ending good attitude. I think it's one of the most important things in fighting this battle. I think you look quite cute, but I know that I would feel the same way as I just don't think I have a hat face... Your smile is the best!

  5. Your hair may be gone but your sweet smile remains.

  6. You have such a positive attitude! And I think you look fabulous in your hat... your smile makes your hat look good!