Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chemo #2

Yesterdays chemo wasnt the best. Even though I had been drinking loads of water, my veins wernt the best. When the nurse Sue found a good one, she inserted the needle and it would begin to collapse. She would jiggle it in my arm hoping it would work and this made it very sore. She tried luck,, but it was third time lucky. It wasnt her was just my veins

Then..when they started putting in the chemo...I started having a last time. I got tingly lips and teeth and about a minute later a dull pain in the base of my back. I told the nurse Sue, who was helping someone else. By the time she came over which was less than a minute, the pain had shot up my back to my neck and the base of my skull. It was starting in my tummy and my chest was tight. It was also in my right arm and right leg. It was getting worse and I couldnt move. Also my blood pressure shot up. She immediately shut off the machine and whilst Rachel the other nurse sat with me she went to phone Dr Phan. It took about ten minutes to start easing...but was completely gone after 20..but I felt a bit drained. The premeds make you sleepy anyway. They started the machine again...but this time at a slow drip...I was ok.. so after 20 minutes they increased it to medium. And thats how it stayed 

So we have three options for next times treatment. No.1 I go the day before and I get a dose of steroids and take the same the following day at home. No 2.. We change the chemo meds. But theres no guarantee the same thing wont happen and we dont know if the treatment will work as well so it will set us back. Or no3..we use the same meds but use a slower drip which means I will be there about seven hours. I think no3... well I have nothing else to do.and Sue agrees...but it will be down to what Dr Phan thinks..and he will tell me the day before my treatment

So thats where its stands.. Im not complaining..even tho this morning Im very tired and sore...and couldnt sleep last night through being dizzy and I vomited in the night.,as I didnt take the anti nausea pills in time...but they are helping. 

I got talking to a lovely lady called Connie yesterday. Her cancer is in her pancreas and liver and is inoperable and giving her pain. Her treatment wont cure her.. it will just give her a few more months. So who am I to gripe

I am blessed...I will get through the dark days.. and burst out in the sunshine the other side....
I got this!!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe xx


  1. I'm sorry you had a rough day yesterday. As always you keep a good attitude. I think taking it slow sounds like the best option too - we'll see what the Dr says, right?

  2. It's really too bad you have such a violent reaction to the Chemo. I hope your doctor will know the best way for you so you have a minimum of reaction.
    Still sending up prayers for you!!