Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My First Chemo...

Well... why was I so worried?? The chemo was kinda ok. The worst part (as always) was the drip needle into the vein. The chemo nurse was amazing. She found the vein very quick and went straight in. Once that was done I was really at ease.
Just a few walk ins at the centre today who came and left quickly..
so it was just MrD and me...a choice of 12 recliners...
and the tv remote 
First they gave me the pre meds ... different bags containing anti pain.. anti nausea.. and Benadryl medications. This took over an hour. Then they started on the chemo. The nurse had done the needle so well the was no chemo seepage and I was glad as it burns. For the first fifteen minutes they took it slow to make sure I wasn't having side affects. I had a restless leg but the said that was the Benydryl. I also had "itchy teeth". Anyone else had that?? So they upped the dosage speed to medium. A few minutes later I started to get an ache in the base of my back... and it was getting worse. I whispered to Jeff that I had this and he went to get the nurse. By the time she and the doc arrived the pain was really bad. So they stopped the machine... took my vitals (my blood pressure was up but the rest were fine) and waited 20 minutes for the pain to go before starting the machine again... this time much slower. And it was great... No discomfort for the next 4.5 hours. For the last hour they changed to a different chemo medication.. and again no problems
Terrible photo of me...taken by surprise...slouched in my chair and all rumpled..
But at least Im smiling

It was a long day.. but apart from being tired I feel great. I'm going to bed with anti nausea pills.. a "sick bowl" and a thermometer.. just in case. But I hope I won't need them 
From now on I don't think I will be scared about the treatments as I know what it entails. I also won't be afraid of the side affects. I know all the possibilities and will face them head on. No one likes to feel poorly but if it's the only way to kill these evil little buggers so be it. 

I'm ready 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. You sound as though you are facing things with great courage.
    Would the American Cancer Association be any help in support?

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I have looked into the ACA..they are a great organisation...but I think Im coping ok for now. I know they will be there for me ...if or when I need them xx

  2. Bless you what and ordeal!
    Keep your spirits high, you are doing fine.

  3. I'm glad you were able to smile - your attitude is inspiring.
    Praying you don't have side effects.