Monday, May 29, 2017


I like to post pics of me makes me feel good and it stops my loved ones from worrying. And I have to admit up til now I have felt pretty good. Todays pic is Nasty!!!

Round two chemo side effects came roaring like a lion. After Tuesdays treatment severe fatigue set in building as every hour passed. Friday morning I woke with a head full of tiny painful sores..hundreds of them. It took all my energy to drag myself to the Cancer clinic.(with hubby of course) The doc says I have an infection of my hair follicles and has prescribed three types of a soak for when they leak, Its horrid! My blood pressure was also low.
We just made it back from the clinic when I was beset with severe vomiting and upset stomach. My temperature shot up to 101.2. Luckily it has fallen over the last couple of days...and I have literally slept it away...with no appetite and struggling to drink my fluids. Hubby has been a real star...looking after me..checking my temp.. and trying to get me to drink.
So this is how my Memorial weekend is temperature is now normal..and although I feel a bit nauseous I may try to eat something. Date nights had to be cancelled...sorry MrD but we will have many more...and hopefully I will be able to make a drive out to Huntington Beach tomorrow...fingers crossed.

I am not giving up and Im relying on my inner strength. And I have a new phrase which I seem to be saying a lot ... "it could be worse"
Its worth remembering 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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