Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy Family....

Yesterday I was looking through my box of photographs to put in some new frames in our bedroom. Of all the things I brought with me from the Uk, the most important is my photos. So many memories..and so much family history.

It struck me that I have a very Happy many photos filled with fun and laughter... from generation to generation..

 My Grandparents..
Nana in the middle..and Gaga back right

 My Dad and Mum..
I wish I knew what the joke is..

 Mr D and I on our wedding day..
the happiest I had been in a long time..

 My Cousins..
Cousin Sian, Cousin Max.....and Cousin It!!

 My children...
who were never happier than when their beloved Gaga was around..

 And now my grandson...
The happiest little chap I know..

 So much like his Daddy 25 years ago..


There's always one...

I really dont know what upset 
Great great grandma Sarah!

My mother would say she looks like shes chewing a wasp!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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  1. Thank you for sharing your family photos. What a happy bunch indeed! Except for poor Gr Gr Grandma Sarah. Perhaps the little one's diaper wasn't adequate and there was a leakage. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Loved your photos - you're right, your family does seem a happy bunch. Perhaps GG Grandma Sarah felt worn out getting her hair done for the photo!

  3. Those gr gr grandma's didn't smile like we do. Guess pictures were a serious matter. Loved seeing all your pictures.

  4. I love looking through really old family photos! The hairstyles, the memories and the laughs. So great!

  5. A very lovely family, I love old family photo's.

  6. Oh my word...'she looks like she's chewing a wasp'!! I must remember that one. It is priceless. Thank you for linking with us at The Loft! We invite you to join us any time.

  7. Oh my goodness! I loved celebrating your happy family with you! What a precious heritage!

  8. Oh my. Loved these photos. Everyone is so happy. I bet the photographer for your grandmother told her not to say anything but stay still. With those laugh lines she must've have had a hard time of it. Thank you for shared a treasured part of yourself

  9. Beautiful smiles in every picture until GMother Sarah. and she made me smile!! Enjoyed pics of your family, I love pictures!

  10. My photos are very dear to me. I inherited my grandmother's photos and need to go through them with my dad when he gets home from Florida so I can share them with my siblings.

  11. Must be a day for photos of family because that's what I posted too! Your pics are great, even sobersides GGgrandma.

  12. Those pics are wonderful! I see so much joy. I love the one of you and your hubby!

  13. the pics are fantastic! and that last one... oh, the good ole days! So thankful for our iPhone and all things snappy when it comes to photos these days! Thanks for sharing!