Friday, March 18, 2016

Another Birthday ~Friday Foto Friends #20

Happy Friday..
I'm joining with Deb at Breathing in Grace
for this weeks Friday Foto Friends..

This little girl would have been 77 years old today

 This cheeky faced child

 Grew into a gorgeous teenager..

And a beautiful bride

And ultimately...

The best mother a girl could wish for..

Happy Birthday Mum

Love you and miss you

Phoebe xxx


  1. Oh, your Mom was beautiful...and I'm sure that was especially true on the inside, too. Love her wedding picture. I know you miss her so much. Thanks for sharing such precious pictures....and for linking up with me today.

  2. What a sweet smile your mom had. You must miss her a lot. Thanks for sharing your memories of her.

  3. Those are wonderful pictures and such a nice tribute to your mum!

  4. What a lovely tribute to your mum, you will miss her being so far away. I remember having a dress similar to the one in the first photo!

  5. Oh what beautiful memories, sweet friend....Blessings

  6. What a sweet post! Your Mum was lovely and you must have so many treasured memories of her to hold onto today.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mum! She and I are in the same time warp speed, I will be there in Aug.