Saturday, September 8, 2018

Taking the Plunge...

I have always believed in God the Heavenly Father and Jesus my Lord and Saviour. When I was living in the Uk and attending the Church of England.. I had been christened and confirmed. MrD was baptised as a child. Since I've been living in the US..we have been going to church...praying together and going to Bible study...and striving to lead good lives.
Today we had the opportunity  show our gratitude to the Lord for guiding us through the past year and for walking beside me during my journey back to health...So we were baptised with over 550 other people in Pirates Cove, Newport Beach.
I didnt think there would be many people as it was grey and overcast, 
but as we arrived we could see people gathering on the cliff top.
As we climbed up we passed Pastor Laurie giving last minute instructions to other pastors..
and then it was over into the cove.. so many people already..
and we had an hour to go
We started with a song and prayer...
and then the Pastors lined up in the water and the baptisms began
One by one... men, women and children.. 
young and old went into the water and rededicated their lives to Jesus
I was very nervous as I entered the water..not about what I was about to do...
I knew it was right... but I dont like my head going under the water. 
But the Pastor put me at ease..and I realized... 
the Lord had gone though so much for was the least I could do for Him
After a beautiful was done... I cant believe how emotional it was..
and felt so blessed as I watched my wonderful husband enter the water
I thought my heart would burst as I watched him speaking softly to the Pastor..
and then going under the water..
The look on his face showed just how happy he was to do this.
It was an incredibly special day..and one we will never forget

How great is our God?

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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  1. Phoebe! This post made me tear up. I love that you did this.