Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Fellowship and Crafting

Last night I had a lovely night of Fellowship and Crafting at our Church
 Apologies before I begin as Im afraid I lost some of the photos..
so to explain what we made I have taken some internet images to help illustrate
So....We made these fun plaques 
Google Images
We started off with rectangular peices of wood 
which were already painted white..or stained dark brown...
strips of fabric..
a glue gun...
a staple gun.. (not pictured)
and lots of embellishments like
flowers, buttons, bling, lace and ribbons
Google Images
We started by laying two strips of fabric one on top of the other
in a the shape of a cross
I chose some fabric that I thought would go with my Fall decor
 We then turned it over.. and a very kind lady who isnt as dangerous as me..
stapled the edges down.
I added a couple of hooks and some string in case I wanted to hang it
Google Images
Then using string we passed under the fabric on the right side
and pulled tightly to form a cross...knotting tightly to finish
 To complete it we just added enbellishments with a glue gun
I chose sunflowers, daisies and leaves..
And it looks lovely on my shelf ready for next weeks Fall decorating

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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