Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Great Christmas Tree Saga

I think too much turkey has gone to our heads and madness took over!! Hubby has decided that this year we will have an artificial Christmas tree... as he wants to get it decorated early. We had a real tree last year  and he said we had to wait to put it up for fear of falling pine needles. So yesterday we went tree shopping. Yes...thats right... Black Friday and over stuffed with food we hit the stores. We did leave it til later in the day.. thinking it may have calmed down again. But I think everyone had the same thought. But...seeing the mall Christmas tree calmed me for a fleeting moment, No Santa tho..which is why my hand may have been a bit shaky(wink) 
Now we had a tree in mind.. and thought it would be easy to find one... even though Hubby is a bit fussy. It has to be the right gaps.. the right texture and 7ft, After all... it is still November leaving us weeks til Christmas so finding one would be easy....right?. We drove to...and traipsed through store after store... pointed out the tree on display we wanted...and were emphatically told they were sold out. Hubby was getting just a little miffed... especially when I pointed to what I will lovingly call "the Welsh Dragon". "Babes do you really want to put tinsel on a Dragon?" he sighed. I did the right thing and bit my tongue
But I may have said the wrong thing when I jovially exclaimed "Well lets look at the bright least we don't have to stand in that mile long queue at the checkout! The look I got said it all.. "Fancy a coffee?" he asked.... "good lets grab one ...ON THE WAY HOME!!" It took a lot for me not to laugh.... But the MacDonalds Peppermint Mocha was particularly good.
Once we got home.... hubby refused to admit defeat...even though it was nearly 8 o'clock. He got out his lap top and started searching the internet....the coffee helped. He finally found one half an hour later.. a very pretty Martha Stewart pre lit beauty...and there were two left in store. He got straight on line and ordered it. Now all we needed was confirmation. Then the phone rang. The tree wouldn't be ready for pick up for three days. But that was absolutely fine. We had a tree!! Woo hoo!!

Well...we did have one ...til this morning. We had an email to say they were sorry.. but they were sold out and the website hadn't been updated.. so our money would be refunded! A few "grrrr's" later, refusing to admit defeat... hubby got his lap top out again and started looking. And then we saw it...the perfect tree that fit all MrD's criteria..and very similar to the one we had wanted.. but with deals and coupons.. $100 cheaper.. and $200 off the original price!! It was in stock three miles away and we could go pick it up. We didn't even have to go into the store...we just pulled into the reserved bay.. called their number and they guaranteed to bring it out to us within five minutes
So that's what we did.. maybe I will do all my shopping like this in future...order on line..and brought to your And we now definitely have our Christmas tree...sitting proudly in its box in the middle of our living room ready to be dressed in the next couple of days..Can't wait...

And MrD is a Happy Chappie too 

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x

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