Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sugar Plum Fair

Last Saturday .. after the veterans ceremony..
Hubby and I got into the Christmas Spirit and went to 
The Sugar Plum Fair in Orange County
It was amazing and I felt like a little girl again...
I didnt know which way to go first.
There were snowmen...
Gingerbread people...
Snowmen AND Gingerbread people.
There were some rather fabulous hats...
and a rather fabulous Santa
Hubby spotted some amazing painted shovels...
which would be too nice to use
and he warned me to keep my paws of his tool kit
I would have loved this Gingerbread house...
but it was a bit expensive
but I got plenty of ideas for things I could craft myself
We did buy some things tho...
This was Hubbys choice.
I will show you mine when they are in their place.

I cant wait...

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go....

  2. Everything looks so festive. I especially love the gingerbread house. We'll be trying our hand at making our own once again this year.


    1. Oh I hope you will post photos of it. I just love Gingerbread houses x

  3. A Sugarplum Fair sounds delightful!! This is a wonderful time of the year!!!

    1. I love every thing about this season GM... the colours.. the festivities and the joyous feelings it envokes... and of course...its the Birth of our Saviour x

  4. What a fun thing to go too. I like your hubbys choice and am looking forward to seeing yours.

    1. Oh I really enjoyed it Mari... the time went so fast. I will post mine in a week or so x

  5. Phoebe, it looks wonderful, I love snowmen and gingerbread house my favorite things.. good to visit with love Janice..

    1. Thank you Janice...and thank you for popping over x

  6. I love this...nothing like an old fashioned Christmas Fair.