Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Final Step

So this morning I had my biometrics interview.. to complete renewing my Green Card. The building didnt look very impressive from the outside..but looked more official when I got inside. No phones or cameras were allowed so no pics Im afraid. I wasnt there very long. Just a form to fill in and identification to show. Then I had my fingerprints and my photograph taken. So on my new card...which I will have for quite a few years... I will have my very VERY short haircut. And that was it. I can now stay in this wonderful country for another ten years.... then I start the whole process all over again.....
Afterwards... Hubby went back to work and I came home and made Chocolate Chip Cookies (some with cranberries). Then I spent a pleasant afternoon working on a new Christmas apron.

I also received some exciting news... but I can't tell you just yet (wicked arent I ??)

All in all...not a bad day.... and we are one step closer to Christmas... woo hoo!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Woohoo for 10 years! And now you are making me wait for the rest of the news? :)

  2. I'm so happy for you that your application was quickly processed and you're good for another ten years.
    I'm very curious about your good news and can't help speculating a bit.

  3. Working on a Christmas apron is a lovely way to spend any afternoon, but especially on a celebratory day like this one and with the scent of chocolate chip cookies in the air.

  4. Great news about the 10 yrs. I will look forward to your news and also seeing the pretty apron. The cookies are a good way to celebrate.

  5. I’m glad you have that behind you now!