Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Cwik Christmas Craft

Well yesterday was a success and I managed to complete everything on my list. Two loads of laundry and all  the ironing was done before 8am. Thats the beauty of hubby leaving for work at 2.30am..and me getting my house work done early. The Fall decorations came down and were put away and all the Christmas boxes were taken out. Our tree...which is huge...is put together and in its place. I will start decorating it tomorrow. And I managed to make two rather delicious Turkey Pot Pies.. one for dinner and one for the freezer. I will share the recipe later this week. All the leftovers are used up now and I froze the remaining turkey...so there's plenty of room in the fridge
So with all that done I settled down with a quick Christmas craft.. which literally took half an hour. Last Christmas I made some slip on sleeves for my plain kitchen jars pictured below. Using the same idea I prettied up an old jam jar with a bit of "festive flair"

For this craft you will need:
A jar.. I used an old jam jar
Burlap Ribbon 
Needle and thread
Decorative ribbon
Artificial Flowers to finish
Wrap the burlap round the jar to measure and cut leaving a seam allowance
With right sides together..stitch along seam edge with a quick back stitch
Turn right side out..
and slide onto the jar
Tie some decorative ribbon around the middle..
fill with dried flowers and voila!!

So simple. You could even glue the seams together..but I prefer to stitch. And Im not gluing the burlap to the jar as I like to be able to remove it. You can use it for every season...just change the decorative ribbon

I love crafting that costs next to nothing...I have some more ideas using Dollar Tree items. Im looking forward to sharing them with you.
Have a great day

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. What a great craft idea! Everyone has a jar! That would be a good way to give a food gift too. Like filling a big jar with homemade cookies!
    I had no idea your husband goes to work at 2:30 in the mornings! That gives a whole new dimension to being Night Owls!

    1. Thank you Linda.. what a great idea for cookie gifts.
      My hubby works very hard.. He gets to work for 3am.. then works 12 hours. Right now he works five and a half days a week. He says while he is blessed to have a job...he will work whenever he can. He's a great guy. I still on UK time...even after three years.. so getting up that early dont bother me xx

  2. That is so cute, thanks for the tutorial!!

  3. I like easy crafts because I'm not very talented when it comes to crafts.
    You certainly get up early and get moving! I wonder if you have to take an afternoon nap!!!

  4. Very creative! They look so cute, and your pies are pretty too!