Friday, November 3, 2017

Paperwork... Paperwork ...Paperwork

Three years ago today..I received my visa to come to the US and marry my wonderful MrD. It had been a long year of working hard.. forms to fill in .. providing evidence.. background checks.. medicals and interviews. And a heck of a lot of money..including travel to interviews and my plane fare to the US.. about $3,000
It didnt stop when I got here. I had to have an ID card... a social security number and then a Green Card.. More forms..evidence.. sitting in waiting rooms...and money

Last month my Green Card and my ID card ran out. Sitting for a couple of hours in the DMV waiting to renew my ID card wasnt too bad. $29.. and they let me keep a headscarf  over my balding head for the photo

But the Green card..loads more evidence was needed.. and loads more money. Luckily I have had a letter to say that I can stay....for a year anyway. The time will be extended once I have my biometrics interview

All that paperwork really does my head in. And all that money to be here. I am very blessed that MrD loves me enough to work so hard to pay our way. He never ever complains about it.

Now I have more paperwork to do... but this time I dont mind. I have to change my name on my passport which means sending it back to the Uk. I havent changed it since my marriage... but now I have a reason. My tickets are booked and Im going back to the Uk for four weeks to be with my daughter when she has her baby. Its so exciting and cant wait to hold my grand daughter, I will also get to cuddle my grandson. I can hardly wait.

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Wow that is a lot of paperwork. I hope you enjoy your time here in the UK!☺

    1. Oh I will Juju...The time will go so fast as there are so many people I need to catch up with...and a couple of reunions are being planned. It will be a lot of fun

  2. What a chore...glad you are here in the USA, Phoebe.

  3. You will have a wonderful time catching up with friends and being with your daughter and seeing the new little one!!

  4. Government paperwork is so frustrating!
    I am so happy you get to see your daughter and grandkids - the one you already have and the one on the way!