Friday, April 14, 2017

Moving Forward.....

So..what did Dr Phan tell me. Well...he seems very optimistic. He said that the tumour was gone...they got it all out. It hadnt been attached to my bowel...but it had spread to my fallopian tubes. Even though everything was removed.. because of its position..cancer cells have escaped into my body. So...they have to be zapped. On May 2nd I will be starting a mixture of radiation and chemo therapy. I will need approx 6 treatments..on a three week cycle. Each treatment will last 6 hours. I will have to be careful..monitor all my reactions and we have Dr Phans personal number in case I get a high temperature, mind muddled etc. Hubby is not too bothered if I get chemo brain...he says Im like that normally..cheek! 

So...not so bad. It will be like Star Wars inside me. I will possibly lose my hair..but Im not bothered. I knew I had a drawer full of scarves for a reason...and if Im lucky it will grow back naturally blond....with a slight wave. I will just have to stay away from bowling alleys in case they try to stick two fingers up my nose and try and throw me down the lane!!
Now...I have a confession...for the first time in this whole cancer episode ..Im a little scared. I watched my dad suffer with chemo...and it upset me terribly. Maybe its the fear of the unknown. Maybe its because Im so tired of needles. Maybe its because the doc has said its like poison being injected and it could burn. What ever it is.. Im having bad dreams about it. I hope my mind will settle after my first treatment.
What ever happens I have a fantastic support system and at the end of it I will be cancer free and be able to get back to normal

Until then I will just keep enjoying this wonderful life I have been given...and continue to capture the beauty that surrounds me.. I am so blessed

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Phoebe, you have been so brave. May you be strengthened for the next mile.

  2. Count on my prayers as you go through this time. I have always loved the scripture verse that says, "And it came to pass......." Remember that! It doesn't come to stay!
    You have every right to be a little bit scared. I have had cancer (thyroid) and remember how I felt. God has got this! It's just a bump in the road.
    Love and prayers from Texas as you make this journey.....

  3. I'm thankful for your good report - prayers continue!