Saturday, April 1, 2017

Its Over...

I'm sorry for posting the news so late.. The surgery went well and lasted over three hours. Mum will be staying in hospital for a few days as the doctors had to make a bigger incision. Her ovaries, tubes, uterus and tumour are out! The doctor has confirmed that the tumour is cancerous and they will get the tests back soon to see what stage and type it is. Also no harm has come to her bowel! But.. mum will need chemo. They won't know what kind and how long etc until they do further tests. 

Their biggest concern was that after surgery Mum couldnt open her eyes. They were streaming and she said it felt like she had glass in them. They are treating her with eye drops. But she is still smiling

That's all I know for now but I will keep you updated. 

Thank you all for your kind messages and prayers.

Miss C x

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  1. Phoebe - you have a great attitude and smile. Praying for a good plan and quick healing!