Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Home Again

Well everyone....Im Home!!!! Thank you...thank you for all the love, support and prayers. I made it!

I got home last night and was so happy sleeping in my own bed.

The surgery went well. Dr Im was very pleased. He said the tumor had grown to about 12 cm...thats 4cm 5 weeks,,,and was pressing against everything and thats why I was in so much pain. But...its gone now and hes taken everything away. Now I have to heal and then start my chemo, I have a follow up with him on Thursday..then see Dr Phan next week who will tell us the staging and when all that business will start. 

I am in no pain..just a bit of soreness at the incisions and everything is pulling so I have to wear a big elastic girdle. Plus I have to walk a little as often as I can

I was looked after really well in hospital...and worked my hardest to get myself up and moving. I was a bit adamant (in a nice way of course) that I wanted to do things myself...especially turning myself on the bed and getting out of bed...although I was happy that someone was with me for confidence. As soon as I was able I did as many laps of the hospital floor as I could...and I soon progressed from red socks to grey!! I will soon be back to 5 miles a day.

So this morning, hubby has taken the day off,..I have had breakfast in bed...walked around the apartment a few times and I have had my first shower and hair wash since last Friday....bliss. Soon Im going outside and walk a bit in the sunshine with hubby. I have missed it so much
Once again...thank you all so much..Your kindness has got me through this stage. Now Im looking forward to Miss C and Mr P getting here on Friday...I cant wait

Love to you all 
Phoebe x

P.s ...yes I am wearing teal


  1. Thank you for the update. We praise the Lord for answered prayers. God bless you as you heal and continue your treatment. Enjoy your family.

  2. Praise God and thank you, Jesus!