Saturday, December 12, 2015

The First Noel....

It was such a lovely afternoon
Hubby and I took a stroll around the Santa Fe Springs Heritage Park

 Not many Christmas decorations...just a wonky Santa

and all the lamp posts had wreaths...I love this style

There was a pretty Fairy Garden..

with a rather beautiful tree..

 and a little friend...who for a moment I thought was real.

A replica of an Native American hut..

and a very unusual working windmill.

Gorgeous little waterfalls...

 and streams.

And finally...a replica train depot...complete with train tracks..

 and a full size Steam engine

And the whole time..Christmas music was being played over the loud speakers
and people were just walking around joining in.

A lovely way to spend the afternoon

One of the traditional carols I tried to sing along to this afternoon
is one, for some reason,  I never succeed in finishing.
Its so beautiful that when I try to sing the chorus
I get too emotional and well up...
 It builds and builds and by the end 
I am reduced to floods of tears

This is a beautifully sung version by Helmut Lotti


 Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. What a lovely day for a stroll in a peaceful place.

    You were right, The First Noel is song extremely beautifully by Helmut Lotti! He has such a strong, clear voice. I have not known his music. I am a very choosy when it comes to style and voice. For example, in my opinion, there are very few people who can make "Jingle Bell Rock" sound good. But leave it to Michael Bublé - he'll make any song sound like a classic.

    You have done a wonderful job creating a lovely Christmas atmosphere on this blog. It is very exciting.

    I am following your blogs, although I won't be able to do much eating of any delicious recipes - I am on a diet until who knows when :)

    Have a blessed Sunday,
    :) Hope

  2. This is a beautiful rendition of the First Noel. I can understand your emotional feeling with it. There are some songs that I am like that as well. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  3. That is one song I can not sing...never could. Thank you for sharing your photos...many Sunday Blessings to you.

  4. Such a beautiful place to stroll and listen to the Christmas music. I love your photos. The video is beautiful.