Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Its a Marshmallow World......

I really have got the most thoughtful Hubby
He met me from work tonight with a Starbucks Hot Chocolate

And yes it was topped with whipped cream!

Did I feel guilty? Heck no!

Its Christmas!

The time when your diet switches from normal foods 

to Hot Chocolate and Christmas Cookies

Peppermint sticks become the norm...

and even marshmallows are slightly more acceptable!

Don't you just love Christmas!!

There is no other song I could choose for today...

Here's Frank and Dean..


Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x


  1. Iam single these days, but I always like to hear when women have a loving hubby so sweet of him 💖💖💖w/love Janice

  2. Thank you Janice...it took me 50 years to find this wonderful man.. and it was worth every second
    Phoebe x

  3. I do love Christmas and I take advantage of the special cookies, cocoa, coffee etc. during the season!

  4. Such a cheery post! I'm glad you are so happy.
    PS - I like that song too!