Monday, December 7, 2015

Let It Snow.... Please

I love snow..

I mean I REALLY love snow

I love it so much..

that when we got snowed in a couple of years ago..

I didn't mind at all.

I sat by the fire into a cottage we were renovating 

just staring at the beautiful view from my window

I dont think it will snow this year...

Its going to get to 81 degrees today!!

Here's my little plea..

with the help of Dino


Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. We still don't have snow here in western NY--first time in many years...usually, we are is though, very cold.

    81*--geesh and that is why I will not live down south anymore---that and it is not "Christmas weather", wink. Blessings

  2. Well, it's not warm here in British Columbia like you have it, but we still don't get much snow. I absolutely love watching it fall gently down. But when I grew up in Manitoba we had 6 long months of cold and snow and I hated it. I was always cold!

  3. I love this version Of Let it Snow. Well actually anything sung by Dean Martin!
    I could take 81 degrees!