Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hanging On ...Just a Bit Longer

Day off from work so I've been catching up with housework. I was debating whether to take down the Christmas decorations.. but decided to wait until the weekend. Christmas went too fast so I'm hanging on to it a little longer. Back in the UK it was a family tradition to take them down by January 6th.. 12th Night.  Mum said it was bad luck to leave them any longer...I dont know if thats true or not. All I know is..come house will be looking very bare again. 

Also...have you noticed... it takes twice as long to put Christmas decorations up..than it does to take them down. Heres a tip for storage that will save time next year..

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x


  1. way to de dress a tree!!!! lol

  2. I actually once knew a woman who kept her fully decorated tree in a closet and just got it out in December. It wasn't a terribly big tree but neither was it a "table top" tree.
    I'm slowly putting things away sorting through as I go and deciding what I don't want to keep any longer.

  3. I've got everything down except the tree. I'm thinking of trying that Saran Wrap trick this year. OUr tree is only 5 1/2 feet tall and I think it would work!

  4. My late husband was English and my sweet mother in law was always remarking that I took my decorations down too early. My decorations are down now, much earlier than 12th night. Have a very Happy New Year

  5. New Year blessings for you and your husband. May 2016 bring you much joy and peace.

  6. fabulous storage tip! Happy New Year to you and yours, celebrate in good health and happiness.

  7. Hello Phoebe,

    We will probably take down or Christmas decorations this Sunday. I am NOT looking forward to that. If it were up to me, I would leave them up until the end of January, but my husband likes to get the house back in order so that the children will realize that it is time to get back to serious work :)

    But tonight, I am still enjoying the Christmas lights. I am sleeping in my living room, with my daughters, by the wood stove, and the Christmas tree lights will be on all night.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Phoebe, nice to meet you. We used saran wrap on the tree once it was down and in 3 parts. Took off the ornaments first! I have a few smaller trees up. I transitioned from Christmas to snowmen. I still have my gingerbread tree up in the kitchen but it will come down this weekend. At least the ornaments. Think I will keep the tree up. I live in California and we are finally getting much needed rain. I am trying to keep winter here a bit.