Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome December

Happy December 1st and apparently its officially winter. Can you believe in 25 days it will be Christmas? Where has the year gone? I think I'm on track though, thanks to my trusty Christmas file which comes to light every year at the beginning of November. Years ago I found Christmas so stressful, I couldn't relax and enjoy it. The file has lists of everything I need to make sure that the run up to Christmas is as smooth as possible. A cleaning list. Menus, recipes and food shopping list. A Christmas card list, with addresses. A record of presents I have sent people for the last ten years so no one gets a duplicate. A bit over the top maybe, but it really does make my life easier.

This weekend the all decorations will be up. My Christmas cake was baked weeks ago and is quite happily having its weekly feeds. The Christmas cards are all written and most of the presents have been bought and wrapped. And, at last, I think I can admit that its wonderful to have a break and sit down in front of a blazing  fire, with a hot chocolate and happily watch the Afternoon Christmas Movie.

With the children growing up and moving away, things have changed over the years, but I still try to keep the Christmas traditions going. One of them being, the children decorate the tree, with a bit of help from Mum at the end...just in case.

To me, it seems at Christmas time nothing changes from year to year, and I find that so heart warming. For instance, these two images are about 100 years apart

Vintage Christmas Card
My Boys when they were little

This year Miss C is decorating by herself

One tradition I thought may be forgotten is the opening of the advent calender. I actually thought Miss C wouldn't be bothered about counting down the days to wrong I was. She is just as excited as when she was six years old.

Before she went out this morning, she bounded into the living room  and grabbed it off the sideboard, looking for the first door to open

Once she had found it she was so excited she couldn't open it

She was so pleased and satisfied after she had eaten the little chocolate.

She made me smile too.

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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