Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Believe

How is your countdown to the big day going. Happily, I'm on track with my planning. The Christmas decorations are all done, making everywhere feel more festive. All the cards are written and have been sent. All the presents have been wrapped. The Christmas cake will be decorated this week. Apart from the final food shop and picking up our meat order from the butchers, everything is almost done. I can now afford to relax for a few minutes.

So, with this in mind, this afternoon, I decided to treat myself. I made a mug of hot chocolate, with marshmallows, and settled down in front of the fire, to watch 'A Miracle on 34th Street', the original movie, starring Edmund Gwenn as Santa. It's wonderful film. He was really Santa, and by the end I was nearly shouting 'I believe'
We have a plaque on our cabinet that says just that
 And we do. Every year we look forward to him coming. We fill the house with bright lights, colourful ornaments and a beautiful decorated tree. We prepare delicious foods to celebrate the occasion. We spend long hours planning, buying, making and wrapping the most heartfelt gifts for one another. We know that the night before Christmas he will arrive, bringing wonderful presents, and spreading joy and happiness. I only wish that the love and peace he evokes in all of us would last the whole year
Am I talking about the man in the red suit? Well, we all look forward to Santa coming every year
But, I'm also talking about that baby born  over 2000 years ago in a humble stable. Without Him, there would be no Christmas. The gifts he brought us are the most valuable gifts we could ever have. Love, Compassion and Everlasting Life are just some of the things He blessed us with. He also gave me the greatest gift I could ever have ... the knowledge that he is my Saviour and He lives.

At this time of the year, I hope we all try to remember the true reason for the season

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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