Friday, October 6, 2017


When I finished my chemo...I thought that it would be the end of doctor visits and no more needles. I was mistaken. My oncologist dosnt want to to take the porto cath out of my chest... so every six weeks I have to have it flushed
I have had a few problems since I had it put in... it keeps flipping over so on one occasion we couldnt use it for the chemo. Yesterday...when I went to have my first flush we had problems again. Every time Nurse Sue tried to put the needle in the port moved. Eventually after three attempts she got the needle in. 

The flush itself wasnt too bad and it was over and done with in less than 10 minutes. But seeing as the port has to stay in for about a year... I hope the flushes get easier. And I wont be so sore
At least I got a lovely iced coffee on the way home for being a "brave girl" Mine is the small one.... honest! Thank you MrD

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x

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  1. As an old nurse, I do understand your dilemma with the port. Praying all continues to go smoothly. And that iced coffee looks yummy. I remember as a child, we would get ice cream after we visited the public health department for our vaccinations. It was a real reward!!