Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Autumn Walk

So today I made up my mind to start walking further and I decided to head for the park to see if I could see Sammy. I havent been that far since before I started feeling poorly last year.
I headed out early as it was forecast to get to 96 (tho it peaked at 98). You wouldnt think it was Autumn/Fall as it was already warm.. with blue skies and sunshine. And I'm still seeing so many colourful flowers. 
I made it to the park quite easily and sat for a few minutes enjoying the quiet and fresh air. Then I headed home.
I didnt see Sammy.. but I did walk 10,178 steps...and I felt great. Its so good to be getting my strength back. Im going to head out again tomorrow. Its going to be a bit cooler ...but this time I need to wear a hat. The sun was so hot on my baldy head.
Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. That’s a lot of steps! You are getting your energy back! Yes, protect that precious head from the sun! Texas has finally fallen out of the 90’s and into the 80’s now! Hopefully the 70’s will come next week!

  2. Good for you doing that walk. I wish I could walk that far, but my walking days are over. Definitely wear a hat!