Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree..and MrD...

 We finally had time to go out looking for a Christmas tree.
Its my first ever 'real' one
MrD knew exactly what he had in mind to buy
 He looks annoyed in this pic but he's concentrating
He loves every second of the process.
 We visited three tree lots...where he scanned every single tree

He studied each one he picked out...
to make sure it was just right and ticked all the boxes
He finally decided on the one he liked best..

We got it home...and its a big one
Its all secure and ready to decorate

Im going to have so much fun sweeping up the needles!  (smile)

 This tree on the other hand needs no decoration

Its a pre lit tree thats put up every December 3rd in my aunts garden back in Wales
Its to remember my Mother who died on that day twelve years ago
My mother loved Christmas...and its affectionately known as Doreens Tree.

Its a great tribute to mum.. It reminds us of the joy she brought to everyone..
and lets her light shine through the whole of the Christmas season

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Your house is going to smell so good! There is nothing like a real tree.
    I love that tribute to your mum!

  2. I love a real tree, too! But alas, we don't use them any more! I meant to get cuttings and put in buckets so I would have the fragrance but I haven't done that yet. Perhaps there's still time.
    What a beautiful tribute to your mum!