Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Heaven Has Another Star

It has been a terrible year for losing favourite celebrities...but this Christmas has been the worst. Rick Parfitt.. George Michael and of course Carrie Fisher to name a few. But I must admit todays news has hit me the hardest.

Debbie Reynolds has been my idol all of my life and I am truly sad...

But I guess the grief of losing her beloved daughter was just too much to bear 
and did not want her little girl to go alone

Debbie and Carrie are now reunited 
and will now walk hand in hand into eternity

RIP Lovely Lady
You were...and are... a Shining Star

Love always
Phoebe x

1 comment:

  1. I agree so much with you. Carrie's death came as a sad surprise but Debbie's was a complete shock. I'm sure it had to be the stress of losing her daughter. So sad. I'm ready for a new year for sure. I wish you a blessed New Year!